Product Release January 2018

In our minds, building an effective data culture is about asking better questions, closing the gap between business and data teams and breaking silos - these are the areas that we continue to focus on in the Connectworxs platform. 

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Harness collective intelligence

Leaders need to evolve business models in increasingly competitive markets and create a safe environment to draw out ideas and discovery for their teams.

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Discovery-Driven Teams

How do we Connect what we do know to what we don’t know?

In the age of complexity and information overload, discovery-driven leaders must operate where value creation for customers is at the centre and data drives decisions.

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What You Don’t Remember from Business School

My business school experience was fantastic, from what I can remember!  I recall being surrounded by smart people and going to lots (and lots) of classes, but those hours spent sat learning about accounting and such famous theories and frameworks are but a distant memory.

What I do remember were the simulations and competitions against other members of my class.  Competing in a fun and engaging experience around a real world challenge.  These are the experiences that we remember whether at business school or any kind of life experience.

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Breaking Down Data Silos and What To Do Next

Breaking Data Silos

The way that organizations have been designed over the past thirty years through a matrix structure has resulted in the creation of information silos. These silos prevent business leaders from realizing the value of big data, as insights and knowledge are kept to the confines of teams across the business. 

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