Analytics Transformation: Transparency & Teamwork - what every project team wants

Acting as stick fetchers. Dashboard overload. Project team silos.

These were the recurring pains that came up again and again as we spoke to 2000+ business leaders and analytics professionals. Through survey data, focus groups and real-time business simulations, we wanted to speak to the business and analytics community to uncover what do they value most in the way that they interact with each other everyday and what are their barriers to connecting everyday decision-making to analytics.

The insight was clear that digital transformation encompasses a critical part of unlocking the value from our data and culture has a strong part to play. Research from McKinsey & Company on Digital Transformation points towards the cultural challenges related to unlocking value.

“The hardest part of a successful digital transformation is the cultural piece. Like the proverbial journey of a thousand miles, it begins with small steps.”

As Connectworxs continues to be the tool for collaboration between business and analytics teams, we wanted to share with you here the 3 critical parts to getting the small steps going in the right direction.


What business teams and analytics teams looked for during key business projects, was transparency around the assumptions of the team and leaders. We know that a set of assumptions is the foundation for all analytical models, but business leaders saw great value in having a conversation around these assumptions at the beginning and during key business projects. Here was where (business) members of the project could surface gaps in their understanding and formulate the right questions to ask to their analytics teammates.

Transparency pays dividends here. We know that bias and groupthink are the enemy of data-driven decision-making, and providing teams with the tools to share them openly through creating the right ‘constraints’ has proven to provide sustainable and scalable advantage.

Driving for connectivity

“Don’t wait for the next meeting”

Reusing analytics has come up in our past blogs but it was reinforced here. Helping project teams tag other key areas of the business, teams, projects and departments drives connectivity and breaks silos. These silos are the nemesis of organizations seeking to unlock value in their data, and by adopting an asynchronous way of working across key themes brings analytics closer to the important business areas and builds and ecosystem of insights across key business projects.

Environment & Culture

Command and control doesn’t work anymore. Long range planning is dangerous. Teams we spoke to wanted to bring in other perspectives to their projects - analytics and domain expertise. Staging this environment, supported by the right digital platforms, enables safe challenge and takes a big scary project to a high quality question to data!

What’s next?

The future looks great!

“Less meetings, more asynchronous collaboration. Less reports, more forward looking value. Less dashboards, more questions. Fewer complicated data tools, more mobile-first technology.”

Empower your teams to take action now. Understand more about Connectworxs, which comes from over 15 years of operating in this space.

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