Analytics Transformation: Transparency & Teamwork - what every project team wants

Acting as stick fetchers. Dashboard overload. Project team silos.

These were the recurring pains that came up again and again as we spoke to 2000+ business leaders and analytics professionals. Through survey data, focus groups and real-time business simulations, we wanted to speak to the business and analytics community to uncover what do they value most in the way that they interact with each other everyday and what are their barriers to connecting everyday decision-making to analytics.

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Getting Value from Insights-as-a-Service

Organisations are continuously in search of better and faster ways to get more business value from their data investments. I speak to Chief Analytics Officers all the time, who are seeking for new ways to help the business teams inside their organizations find new ways to keep pace with competitors using data and analytics.  

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Supporting Embedded Analytics Teams

Data is the easy part
I’m sorry if this comes across as bad news but it really is. The most common question that comes from nearly every discussion I have with C-suite data and analytics leadership is "how does my team interact with the business effectively?"

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Reusing Analytics

Unlocking the enterprise value of data is akin to sharing baby clothes.

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Changing the way business and data teams work

Leaders underestimate and underutilize the collective power of their workforce.

The way that we support business teams’ interaction with data teams will mean the difference between unlocking the huge value that is promised or leaving huge investments under-utilised and wasted. Data itself has no value without the right questions. Business Intelligence tools alone don't drive strategic insights

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How Businesses Can Innovate Using Data

"Teams must leverage diversity of thinking to ask the right questions."

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Beware of the Plan!

Legacy organizational culture, leadership, and strategy can be barriers to change.

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