How Businesses Can Innovate Using Data

"Teams must leverage diversity of thinking to ask the right questions."

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Beware of the Plan!

Corporate planning cycles stifle curiosity

From first-hand experience, I am more than aware of how traditional planning cycles stifle discovery and curiosity, key leadership and team traits required to unlock the potential of Big Data.

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Product Release January 2018

In our minds, building an effective data culture is about asking better questions, closing the gap between business and data teams and breaking silos - these are the areas that we continue to focus on in the Connectworxs platform. 

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Building Messy Teams for an Analytics Age

In the complex environment that we’re asking business teams to operate in today, we need leaders to have a more innovative response to this complexity. Teams faced with challenges such as mass industry disruption from start-ups, economic instability or political uncertainty must leverage diversity of thinking to ask the right questions. Here is where organizations will be able to unlock the potential of advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence - such capabilities are going to seperate winning from losing organizations across every industry in the future.

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Building a Predictive Mindset

Leaders need to have a sure view of today’s and tomorrow’s trends and opportunities. Not just a reference to the past, but a secure grasp of what is happening today and what will happen tomorrow – a predictive mindset towards data is the key.

What are my customers’ future needs, pains and pinch points?

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Discovery-Driven Teams

How do we Connect what we do know to what we don’t know?

In the age of complexity and information overload, discovery-driven leaders must operate where value creation for customers is at the centre and data drives decisions.

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