Reusing Analytics

Unlocking the enterprise value of data is akin to sharing baby clothes.

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Changing the way business and data teams work

Leaders underestimate and underutilize the collective power of their workforce.

The way that we support business teams’ interaction with data teams will mean the difference between unlocking the huge value that is promised or leaving huge investments under-utilised and wasted. Data itself has no value without the right questions. Business Intelligence tools alone don't drive strategic insights

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How Businesses Can Innovate Using Data

"Teams must leverage diversity of thinking to ask the right questions."

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Beware of the Plan!

Legacy organizational culture, leadership, and strategy can be barriers to change.

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Product Release January 2018

In our minds, building an effective data culture is about asking better questions, closing the gap between business and data teams and breaking silos - these are the areas that we continue to focus on in the Connectworxs platform. 

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Harness collective intelligence

Leaders need to evolve business models in increasingly competitive markets and create a safe environment to draw out ideas and discovery for their teams.

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