The Connectworxs Journey

Drive growth in the Information Age by connecting data to business value.

The Connectworxs journey empowers teams to build a data-driven culture that fuels organizational growth.

This journey consists of 5 steps:

  • preview_thumbnail.pngDiscovery:  Utilizing our ADAPT Framework along with associated resources & tools
  • Experience:  Seeing Around Corners Simulations
  • Embed:  Metrics & continuous improvement tools
  • Empower:  Connectivity & integration to network system
  • Beyond:  Long-term, searchable resources & support

Click below for an overview of the Connectworxs journey & a detailed look at each step.




“Vital for any business serious about gaining a sustainable advantage through the use of big data. Highly recommended. Bridges the gap between data & improved decision-making & performance.”

Tom Mallens  |  Founder, Social Innovation Media

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