The Future of Consulting

So I have certainly had my fair share of involvements with business transformations - some successful, some ongoing, some well received, some not, all expensive, all taking longer than planned. And most, especially in recent years, coined with “here we go again!”

People have change fatigue. Perhaps it is the curse of the millennial where patience is certainly not a virtue. Perhaps it is the disbelief that it will actually make a difference. Perhaps it is the assumption, and experience, that leaders will not lead by example - an incredibly important facet in maintaining the motivation to change.

But, like it or not, change is necessary and for the winners of tomorrow, inevitable.

The role of consultancies in these transformations has been, is, and will continue to be, very important - building, measuring, learning and translating best practices from one organisation to the next, one industry to the next. So what of The Future of Consulting..?

I believe that the most effective change happens when small fires are lit, not when trying to boil the ocean. When success is infected around the organisation and the management recognise and reward the positive movement and above all, get involved.

Large scale transformations, when they affect system, people and process change, are certainly best handled by the big consultancies. But, when there is a muscle or two that can be trained to include certain rituals and ways of doing things that can have a hugely transformative impact, this is where consulting is changing.

It is changes to behaviour that has always been considered the most challenging, but if you learn anything from the Lean revolution - Build, Measure, Learn - then you can take away to start small and iterate.

The Future of Consulting will be an exciting wave of frameworks, approaches, methodologies that utilise not only digital, but physical products and inspiring experiences to make individuals, teams and organisations make small changes that when practised over time, become habits, giving measurable results in months, not years.

The Future of Consulting, is to collate this wealth of experience and extensive research to create digital, physical and experiential products that can be picked up and understood by your own people tomorrow, rolled out to teams in weeks and have a positive effect on organisations in months.

The benefits for the organisation are:

  • Internal capability upgrade
  • Measureable success
  • Months not years
  • Thousands not millions (£$€)

Does it sound too good to be true? No doubt there are lots of sceptics out there, but actually much of this research comes from the big consultancies themselves. Even they can see that they need to change in order to have maximum impact on their clients in this modern and connected world.

Digital, mobile, millennial, social, etc - positive in so many ways, but organisations need to get on board and adapt to this crazily fast-paced and ever changing environment.

Beautifully simple, human-centred products that can quickly and cost-effectively make a real impact on how you do things... this is the horse that Connectworxs is backing, and it is very exciting.

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