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The Future of Consulting

So I have certainly had my fair share of involvements with business transformations - some successful, some ongoing, some well received, some not, all expensive, all taking longer than planned. And most, especially in recent years, coined with “here we go again!”

Building a Big Data Culture

Data has become a critical corporate asset. Across industries, the potential value to be captured in the variety and volume of data that we are collecting is huge. Yet, according to extensive research, only a fraction of this value has been realised.

Asking the right Questions

Working with Data Science teams requires a different mental model for business leaders. The tested language of Mission, Objectives and Outcomes, familiar to strategic planning as we know it , will not work for the data age. Days of discussing the plan and associated goals, tasks, measures and KPIs for hours with your team, will no longer bear fruit.

To find new sources of growth and innovation, leaders need to orient from "What do we need to DO" towards "What do we need to KNOW". The strategic intent or ambition must be clear for all to see, but act simply as a handrail for exploration.

Big Data needs business translators

In an age where the technology playing field and access to data is becoming flatter, the question around where do organisations find value from data is becoming a C-suite issue.

Based on a survey of 2,719 respondents across the globe and interviews with 28 executives, MIT Sloan Review and SAS found that organisations achieving the greatest benefits from analytics are also much more likely to have a clear idea on how they recruit, develop and deploy key talent within their organisation.

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