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Breaking Down Data Silos and What To Do Next

Breaking Data Silos

The way that organizations have been designed over the past thirty years through a matrix structure has resulted in the creation of information silos. These silos prevent business leaders from realizing the value of big data, as insights and knowledge are kept to the confines of teams across the business. 

Solving Big Problems with Small Data

Big Data has no value unless it’s linked to a business metric. With all the hype and excitement surrounding Big Data, business leaders and teams have gotten lost as to where to start in order to achieve this critically important jump.

How to Set Up an Effective Data Team Meeting

Throughout my consulting career, I have experienced a variety of different team meeting rituals. I will never forget standing in a Seattle hotel room, surrounded by a team of experienced executives, as they banged the desks in rhythm while shouting “WHO’S THE BOSS? ...THE CUSTOMER!” This type of cultural artifact is critical to staging an effective data meeting.

How CPG Companies Can Use Data to Combat Industry Stagnation

Growth is becoming more elusive for large CPG companies. According to an article from McKinsey, large food and beverage manufacturers grew only 0.3% per year for the last four years and accounted for only half of sales in that category. In comparison, medium-sized companies grew 3.8%, and small companies grew 10.2%. By intelligently leveraging data to gain SMB-like consumer insights, major players can shift this otherwise stagnant market.

The Final Stretch in Big Data Management: Driving Business Value for Enterprises

Big Data presents huge opportunities for business if they know how to understand and share it.

What is Data-Driven Culture?

A data-driven culture enables organizations to apply the data they collect to business decisions that matter.

The Value of Hiring a Chief Data Officer

The title “Chief Data Officer” has grown in popularity over the past few years, as more and more businesses seek to harness the power of big data. However, some companies throw data tasks under the responsibility of the CIO or even CEO, adding to that person’s already heavy workload.

The Future of Consulting

So I have certainly had my fair share of involvements with business transformations - some successful, some ongoing, some well received, some not, all expensive, all taking longer than planned. And most, especially in recent years, coined with “here we go again!”

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