ADAPT Framework™.

Learn the ADAPT Framework™. Improve data utilization with teams.

Turn data into foresight. Fuel disruptive growth.

All industries face disruption - learn how to utilize data to fuel disruptive growth. The ADAPT Framework™ is a handrail for teams and leaders to gain more value from data. Learn from Connectworxs founder Graham Hogg, a former Royal Marines Intelligence Officer, on how to employ the ADAPT Framework.  

“Vital for any business serious about gaining a sustainable advantage through the use of big data. Highly recommended. Bridges the gap between data & improved decision-making & performance.”

Tom Mallens  |  Founder, Social Innovation Media

Why use ADAPT

  • Help teams ulitize data better to pivot, gain insights, and drive growth
  • Improve management processes for teams that work with data
  • Get buy-in on strategic change and planning
  • Be on the right side of disruption


ADAPT overview: Train your team to drive more success.


The ADAPT Framework helps teams: 

  • Align to whats important and understand business context quickly;
  • Provides a simple language to support forward looking questions to Data;
  • Improves the interaction between domain and analytics expertise through team Analysis; Helps teams 
  • Pivot to better decisions (data over gut);
  • Translates to those that need to know, building a data "push" culture across the business.


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